Ask the taxgirl: Making Work Pay Credit for 2011 – Forbes


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Ask the taxgirl: Making Work Pay Credit for 2011 – Forbes.

NO making work pay credit for your 2011 tax return and NO stimulus checks for 2011 tax year.


Important IRS Regulations and Compliance Changes for Tax Year 2011 – Ask Intuit

Important IRS Regulations and Compliance Changes for Tax Year 2011 – Ask Intuit.

Important information for tax preparers and firms.

Tax question regarding deductions on Form1098 vs HUD1 Settlement Statement when selling residence

Elizabeth asks question regarding deductions listed on Form 1098 vs. Settlement Statement HUD1:


 “My brother and sister in law bought and sold a house in October…..only one real estate tax payment is on the 1098’s…..but I know you can read the settlement papers and sometimes those items like PMI are on there instead….the problem is I can’t understand it because it looks both the seller and buyer paid taxes there…..I don’t want to miss a deduction for them and I’m done the entire return except for that.”


Elizabeth, if your only question is regarding the taxes, you should go to Maryland property tax assessments at . Type in the county and the street address. It will pull up the full amount of taxes for the year on the property. If the seller’s side of the HUD1 shows their portion, you can simply deduct the full annual amount from what the seller paid on the HUD1 to determine your brother’s portion of the deduction.  Real estate taxes in Maryland are paid semi-annually so it is very possible that they both paid a portion of the taxes.


Otherwise, if you want me to peek at it, let me know and I’ll take a look. I would need to see the Form 1098 and the HUD1 Settlement Statements. Usually the 1098 picks up the interest that is included on the Settlement Statement…. But there have many cases where they miss a small portion (especially if the bank sells the loan during the year). If you want me to look you can fax it, scan it, email it, or we could even Skype it or scan a pic of the docs with your phone. I also have a secure document server you can upload to online.


I have a great cheat sheet I will send to you. It has a sample HUD1 and on each column I have written in what is considered BASIS (for when they sell the property) and what is an EXPENSE that can be written off in the year of the sale. Unfortunately, it’s an old paper copy and not with me while I’m out of town.


Let me know if I can help further!




CPA offering no-gimmick, completely free online answers to your questions relating to tax, accounting, business growth, and entrepreneurship. This is the KEY to growing your own business as well – so even if you don’t have a question, listen up anyway, folks!

Years ago (in the year 2000, I believe) I created a website that allowed people to ask CPA questions online. I charged (if I remember correctly) $9.95 for simple personal questions, $19.95 for basic business questions, and then each category or complexity increasing from there forward, increased the price accordingly. It wasn’t a bad idea and I had a GREAT domain for it ( – which I now wish I would have at least kept that domain ownership – ah, but we all love hindsight).

Back then, I had no idea how to get people to come to that website, so I went to bulletin boards and basically spammed or used PUSH-marketing to drive people to the site.  It worked ‘fairly’ well (THEN), but I couldn’t get enough exposure to actually make a living, so in the end, I dropped the idea.

If I knew then what I know now I would probably have made it a huge success, at least for a while.

 That idea wouldn’t work very well today. And my method of getting clients to my site would have really failed.

  • The entire marketing and branding demand has changed – and now consumers, clients, and the public are in control of what they see, what they want, and how they want it.
  • The traditional media and government are no longer in control of what consumers and citizens see and discover.
  • It is a NEW ERA – and companies that don’t realize this quickly, will continue to lose money on advertising the old way.

Push marketing, spamming, direct mail, radio, print advertising, yellow pages, television, etc. – IS OUT. Did you hear me? It is GONE.

There is only one way that companies that do not already have nationwide brand recognition will be ‘heard’ going forward, and there are three main things to remember in using it for it to actually work and be effective:

SOCIAL MEDIA is the only avenue where companies will be heard and followed to build their company brand and grow from this point forward.

That’s a bold statement, I know – but the facts show it to be true.

Studies show that by the year 2020, over 75% of businesses will be run by people who are TODAY between the ages of 18 and 30. Think about that. How do these ‘Gen Y’ individuals communicate now?

  • They rarely even use their mobile phones for voice. They use text messaging instead – for personal communication certainly, but now even for business.
  • They will Google something quickly on their laptop or mobile phone, without ever thinking of picking up a Yellow Pages book.
  • They fast-forward right through those television ads and they switch channels on the radio as soon a commercial comes on air. (In fact most have 10,000 songs on their iPod or listen to commercial free websites such as Pandora).
  • Newspapers are now online, and if there is a topic of interest, it can be found at the click of a button on their phone or computer.

The point is THINGS HAVE CHANGED and social media is just about the only avenue a company has to have their message ‘heard’ now and especially in the coming years.

But be careful, simply signing up for multiple social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Foursquare, Pinterest, etc.) is NOT going to work if you don’t have PASSION for what you are doing along with the following three things:

1)      GOOD CONTENT – If you simply blast on your social pages (or worse, others posts) what you do, and how you do it… you will FAIL in addition to making others annoyed or angry.  People can spot SPAM or push-advertising so quickly now, it’s meaningless to try that angle. Instead, people want good content that helps THEM. And they want it for FREE. If you can provide good, helpful content in your genre of business, you need NOT ever insert advertising information about your company, other than perhaps your signature line. If people need or want what you do, and you are providing good content that helps them, they will be attracted to you and/or your business anyway. This is not expensive… but it will be time-consuming.

2)      ADAPTING TO SOCIAL MEDIA TOOLS AND APPLICATIONS – What is hip and popular today will certainly be different by this time next year. You must understand what these Social Media accounts actually do and you must use them effectively. Pinterest is not the same type of tool as LinkedIn or Twitter.  You must study each tool, each application, and use them ALL. It’s not difficult individually, nor is it expensive, but again, it is time-consuming and it changes constantly.

3)      MAKE IT PERSONAL – This is the final key to building business using social media. Answer EVERY question or comment – and make it about helping them, not selling them on your product.  Social media is not personal, unless you make it personal. If you provide good content, and a client follows you because you’ve used the right tool or application to be ‘heard’… but then you don’t have that immediate response or interaction with them, they will probably click the mouse to the next article, blog, tweet, or photo. Again… this is not expensive, but absolutely necessary and time-consuming.


I no longer own the domain – but I do have a blog, a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a LinkedIn account, etc. (see all the lovely links below) – and I study each day learning these and other social media tools.

The purpose of all this is to simply to help businesses grow, which is my passion.

  • Gaining new tax or accounting clients has been the fortunate result (and can be for you too!) but it is an indirect result of effectively using social media to help others, without asking for their business.

This is the key to the future of business marketing. 

And so, because I am a CPA and a motivated entrepreneur, I would love to hear from you if you have a question or comment or topic relating to helping businesses grow and/or accounting & tax. There is no charge, no catch, no follow-up spam, or gimmick. I only want to provide good, free content relating to accounting, tax, or business growth – which is my passion.

If you don’t have social media account, feel free to email me directly at If your comment or question will help others, I will share it (removing any confidential information) so others can benefit. If it isn’t something that will benefit others, that is perfectly fine also!  I will still respond, and help in any way that I can. Some of my social accounts are below, if you have a preference for your question or comment or topic.

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Monetize your passion

I believe you can monetize ANYTHING you are passionate about. If you aren’t doing what you love, why aren’t you? I would love to hear some things that YOU are passionate about and would love to do, but cannot imagine how to monetize it… I bet I can come up with several ideas for you. Post them here or on my FB page or any other site this post is linked to. Let’s have fun with this…

Life is short. Do what you love and then you’ll never work another day in your life. (Well, you’ll actually be working your butt off, but you’ll be doing what you love, so is that really work? You decide)