Ahh the French! Wake up FIDUCIAL!


America (Photo credit: acb)

Ahhh… The French!

Fiducal, please…. wake up.

Is it possible a foreign owned company trying to grow in America is really so pompous to believe that they can force their style of business on the American customer as well as the American employee? It astonishes me, honestly.

Cutting costs is important in any business, especially when the economy is struggling. However, there is fine line between cutting costs… and cutting off your blood supply and your company’s life line. OBVIOUS POINT: If you cut your staff to the point that no organic growth is possible and to the point that your existing customers no longer have a relationship with their personal contact – YOU HAVE JUST CUT OFF YOUR NOSE TO SPITE YOUR FACE.

This is America… NOT France. In France, employees can be treated poorly perhaps, but unemployment is so high… they will stay. In France, the labor laws are very stringent, so much so that it is very difficult to fire employees… thus again, they will stay. It actually works quite well for both sides… IN FRANCE! However… (news flash)…. We are not in France.

Imagine a French owned company that tries to instill these kinds of values here, with the American workforce and worse… with the American clientele in an a professional accounting service industry! I see it happening daily and it is so sad. Every day I get phone calls, texts and emails that another CPA was fired and their work was pushed into some other remote office where there is NO professional staff (i.e., no CPAs, no EAs, only receptionists and bookkeepers with a couple years of experience).

Guess what, folks? You simply cannot do that to Americans, not only when they are an employee, but especially if they are a client/customer.

Hello? Am I getting through?!?

What’s worse is that this is happening in an industry that relies on personal professional services.

Imagine the professional service industries in accounting, legal, and medicine. Clients build solid relationships with their attorneys, their doctors, and their CPAs, right? It should be obvious that the company can NOT simply tell the clients they now must use someone else, much less someone who has no credentials!

Imagine if your accountant or doctor were fired from the company/office it worked for (to cut costs) and you were told that your work/medical care would be processed by someone in another office, without credentials (i.e., a bookkeeper or med intern), even worse, without your permission. It’s ludicrous.

How well would you take that? Not well, right? What would you do? Find someone else that you like, right?

You have the RIGHT to decide who you give your business to! Absolutely you do.

If I decided to grow in a foreign country… the FIRST THING I would do is hire a manager to oversee those operations. I would MAKE SURE that manager was FROM THAT COUNTRY. The last thing I would do is be so SMUG to think that my American style of management (no matter how successful it was here) would work equally well in ANOTHER country.

The French could take some pointers from this way of thinking. Just a thought as you pour over your financial statements. Sure, you may see an overall decrease in your expenses… BUT if that decrease is also accompanied with the same or worsening decrease in your sales/revenues.. guess what? You’ve been duped by your new manager. Again, just a thought to mull over. Geez.

Poor company. At one time, I loved it as if it were my very own. Because of that, it grew. Pretty simple. Now it is being run by the blind and the american employees are scrambling to find other employment before the hammer falls upon their own offices. How pitiful.

I certainly hope the owner wakes up soon. I’ll be waiting by the phone by the way.


5 thoughts on “Ahh the French! Wake up FIDUCIAL!

  1. former Fiducial guy says:

    well said, darlin.


  2. Anonymous says:

    While I totally agree with 95% of what you have said Michele and applaud you for that 95%, I am a BOOKKEEPER for Fiducial and have agonized over the fact that I am overworked and well underpaid. Reading what you had to say made it appear to me that my position, knowledge and experience is not worth anymore to the client then the cleaning person who doesn’t serve a purpose to my clients. I get your message don’t get me wrong, but so many times people with degrees have the habit of inadvertently putting down laborers who are not degreed. That does not make us a liability to the client if you are a great Bookkeeper (as I am) but an asset. We can be as big of a help and relief to the client as a CPA. The bookkeeper, while lower on the corporate totem pole then the CPA, is what helps keep the business end afloat as once the CPA signs up the client the work is turned over to us. The common thread between the client and the CPA for the most part in our office is me the bookkeeper. Touche’ for your comments though, I just felt I had to speak out on behalf of myself and my fellow BOOKKEEPERS who give it our ALL for little of nothing but holding on to the job and continuing to give our ALL because the job market is so lean.

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  4. who me says:

    This blog post barely scratches the surface.

  5. Joe Cpa says:

    Amen sister. You can even take out the French and American references in this post and what is left is a failing company with poor leadership that blames it’s clients and hamstrung employees for its decline. Dig deeper and you may find the incompetence hinges on the unethical and perhaps even illegal in many areas.

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