Former marine finally awarded VA benefits for Kidney Cancer related to Camp LeJeune water contamination

United States Marine Corps seal

United States Marine Corps seal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Another former marine has been awarded benefits for his KIDNEY CANCER related to the water contamination at Camp Lejeune. (Thank you, Jerry Osuna for the link to this from the CBS newscast that I missed last night).

My family was statione…d at Camp Lejeune during the mid 70’s. Six years ago my father got kidney cancer. Two years ago, my mother got the same kidney cancer. Although I am THRILLED the VA finally awarded benefits for kidney cancer for this marine.. the fact is that this problem goes much further than just our marines. My father at least had healthcare through the VA for his nephrectomy. My MOTHER however has NO HEALTHCARE. Two years ago she had a radical nephrectomy (without insurance). Now we have discovered the renal cell carcinoma (kidney cancer) has spread. She is undergoing tests, scans, etc., all without health insurance, much less disability income. My mother is not a vet per se, but she along with my brother and I certainly DID serve our country indirectly by living on that base and supporting our marine. The government denying benefits to the marines themselves is horrible… but at the very least they need to offer healthcare to them along with ANYONE that lived on that base.
It’s horrifying that so many service members and family don’t even know they have been poisoned!
If you or anyone you know was stationed at Camp Lejeune anytime from 1957 through 1987 – please, please, please pass this on. Please become aware and pass on awareness.
I was sitting on the airplane heading to Florida and was talking to the gentleman next to me…. I explained I was traveling to visit my mother who was undergoing some tests for cancer related to the water contamination at Camp Lejeune. His look of shock told me he never heard of it (as most haven’t). He then told me he was on that base for five years around the same time we were there. I told him the contaminates were causing leukemia, birth defects, male breast cancer, and kidney cancer (my mom and dad BOTH have kidney cancer as a result of this).
When I told this man this information, he stood up, unbuttoned his shirt and showed me his mastectomy of his left breast – right there on the airplane! Poor guy was never even notified.
We need to continue to spread awareness. The government MUST award healthcare not only to the vets – but also to the spouses, ex-spouses, and children that were stationed there that have these diseases that are directly related to the poisons.
CBS has done a documentary on this that was aired last month. The documentary is available via Netflix streaming and is titled “Semper Fi – Always Faithful”. A trailer from YouTube can found at:
More information can be found at the website “The Few, The Proud, The Forgotten” at:
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